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It was a pop music fan’s dream when Justin Bieber and on-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, along with her BFF Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Harry Styles, went on a ski vacation in Park City, Utah, this past weekend. According to People, the four stayed in separate rental houses at the resort town's The Colony. Naturally, during the day they took to the powdery slopes. Swift, 23, and her One Direction BF, who's just 18, were veteran skiers, and reportedly lunched at the Red Pine Lodge. Meanwhile, Gomez, 20, took a ski lesson, and Bieber, 18, took his bodyguards along while he snowboarded.
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haha.. I'll keep you posted.. expect another break up in a few days..hehe
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LOL....haha i'm waiting.....
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Ugh! Teenagers!
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hahahaha..lets see what happens next
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