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But personally, I would prefer to be followed on Instagram over twitter lmao! I'm way more active on Instagram and, you know.. "look at my photos, see how awesome I am, love me!" xD hahahahaha though I post a lot of "look at me looking dumb/dorky" photos, so that would probably backfire really bad. xD xD
I don't have Twitter but I think I would simultaneously combust watching my screen if GD started following me on instagram
@lamrotamrot, ahahahahaha! I actually just got Instagram a few days ago so I have more dorkiness on FB, but I've been posting all of my new dork stuff only on Instagram hahahahaha my poor followers.. all 5 of them.. lmfao 馃槀馃槀 but I'd probably post the same amount or more photos if GD followed me hahahahaha
@ErinGregory Lol mine is the opposite. Most of my dorky stuff is on FB, but I don't think I would be able to post anything if GD was following XD
@lamrotamrot, ahahahahaha my phone hates me lol but I post more dorky photos on Instagram than I do even on FB lol!
@ErinGregory Yeah I totally get you XD
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