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After discovering Big Bang for the first time two years ago, I immediately went on to learning about many other idol groups and getting into K-pop. But I realized I don't really know much about female idol groups. I blame this on the fact that my only K-pop friends at college don't listen to many female groups so I never really checked gave them a shot.
I think it's about time to change that!
I've taken on the mission of discovering more female groups and what better way to start than with Sistar? It happened quite accidentally through a marathon of YouTube K-pop videos. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

1. No Mercy

I love the beat of this song! This was probably the third Sistar song that I heard and that's when I realized they're going to become one of my favorite groups.

2. Shady Girl

Okay, this song is definitely not about an actual "shady" girl. Or at least not shady in a weird sense. It's a cute song about a girl liking a guy. I like how upbeat it sounds!

3. So cool

I am a huge fan of songs that make you want to dance along to the music. I definitely felt that with song and I think it would be even cooler as a remix.

4. Loving U

I discovered this song a few weeks ago and I am obsessed with it! It's on my phone playlist and in fact, it's playing right now, haha. It's a perfect song for the summer!

5. Shake It

How could I not include this song here? After discovering Sistar and listening to it a few times, it's definitely getting stuck in my head!

6. Alone

I really liked the music and vocals in this song. But more importantly, once I saw the lyrics, it definitely reminded me a bit of Loser by Big Bang and I immediately liked it even more!
If there are any other female groups you'd like for me to check out, let me know which ones and what songs I should listen to! ^_^
@MattK95 Fanman feels are totally okay!! Haha @jiggzy19 Yay, thanks for inspiring me to listen to them! XD
The FEELS!!!! Ugh i love these girls ! They are DAE to the BAK! @poojas I'm glad you got listening to more girl groups ^^
@poojas this list brings out all the fanman feels ^%
That was supposed to be a ^^ on my last comment, I have no idea what ^% is XD
@jiggzy19 @MattK95 I finally got to listening to more of this! ^_^