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I see all these challenges and they look super fun so i wanted to give one a shot. This was actually really hard for me because i love SO MANY of the actors in the dramas i have watched, but through the pain of singling out 10, here is my list (in no particular order) of my k drama bias'. I hope @poojas and everybody likes it -^_^-

1. T.O.P or Cha Seung Hyun

It felt right to start off the list with T.O.P. I fell in love with him because of Big Bang and the funny parody's they do, but i didnt really understand his skillful acting ability until i saw him in IRIS where i got to see him be all sexy and evil, thats when i knew he was my kdrama bias♡♡♡♡♡

2. Jang Geun Suk

Of course how could i leave out the Asian Prince . I first saw him in You're Beautiful and the minute i saw him bite his lip i knew it was meant to be. He truly is an amazing actor and hopefully he stars in something soon. I NEED MORE JANG GEUN SUK!!!!!♡♡♡

3. Lee Min Ho

How can you possibly leave out the wonderfully talented Lee min ho. I first saw him (as many did) in Boys Over Flowers as the notorious Gu Jun Pyo. All of his other dramas just sucked me in the minute i heard about them. Especially when i heard he had to pretend to be gay in one of them xD ♡♡♡

4. Seo In Guk

This cute man here stole my heart as the second male lead in Masters Sun. I knew i had to watch this soft hearted man in more dramas so I watched King of Highschool, which was just.absolutely.perfect! He constantly makes his mark and his killer smile and general silly nature just makes him my bias hands down♡♡♡

5. Lee Hong Ki

Hong ki made such an impact in my life since he was in the second drama i watched, You're Beautiful, and he was easily the craziest character i had seen so far. I got super obsessed with his cute baby face, his constant change in hairstyles, and his suprisingly sexy eyes, so i watched almost everything he has been in xD♡♡♡. He needs to do a drama/movie now too☆

6. Ahn Jae Hyeon

Ahn jae hyun is a rookie actor who has pushed himself up to the big leagues. His first official role in You Who Came From The Stars was enough to land him second male lead in a drama and a movie and EVEN AFTER THAT he got the lead role in a vampire drama, Blood. His perseverance and character development is truly amazing and he adds so much into each character he gets like he cherishes every moment. I love him for that ♡♡♡.

7. Soong joong ki

I. LOVE. SOONG. JOONG . KI! He drew me into Innocent man and then led me into multiple movies and dramas such as sungkyunkwan scandal and werewolf boy. I missed him SOOOOOO much when he went off to serve, and now he is back and ready to act again. He has a tender way of acting, he knows what to do for a character and he does that and super charges it. He puts his whole being into acting and he portrays each character he gets with spunk, charisma, and pure emotion.

8. Park Bo Gum

I love to see actors who are slowly blossoming from role to role. Park Bo Gum is a very quite guy, unless he needs to be noisy, and when portrays a character he makes sure to add a whitty side. I first saw him in Naeil's Cantabile with his elegant and over perfectionist character Lee yoon ho, and now im watching him in Hello Monster and waiting for Coin Locker Girl ♡♡♡

9. Yoon Si Yoon

Yoon si yoon takes my heart on a magic journey to kdrama land where there is not a care in the world (except for the evil mothers) Yoon si yoon is such a sweet heart when it comes to acting. He just knows what is right for what character and how to up the emotion factor when needed. I first saw him in Flower Boy Next Door where he was just so cute and adorable that he had to become one of my bias, especially with that jump hug.
and last but certainly not least.....

10. Moon Joo Won

To be honest, i dont really like picking favorites but if i had to, for the kdrama world, i would have to chose Joo Won. His acting.....touches my heart in ways that make me want to go into the fetile position in the corner and cry. When i say he puts his all into his characters i mean he steps out of his natrual self and turns into a completely different person. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HIS SINGING VOICE FROM THE HEAVENS! Watch the video................ waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatch iiiiiiiiiiiiit! I mean he has to be my ultimate kdrama bias because whenever i even hear about him being in something, i make sure that i am already hunting it down months in advance xD ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡!!!
Im so sorry if this was long, it was so difficult trying to decide who to put on the list and who not and i didnt even put in Lee Hyun Woo or Yeo Jin Goo , but i hope you guys enjoyed it♡♡♡♡
I love all of them!!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
Great list! They are all adorable <3 Plus Hongki gifs omo, I love it haha
I'm glad everyone likes it ^_^
OMG this card is so good! Loved reading it! Thanks for doing the challenge :D