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Don't you just love how perky you look? How your hair looks amazing with minimal effort, bras make your boobs look even better, and make up is used to enhances how already hot you are? You walk down the street and notice the men looking at your while their wives are looking the other way...
Well, I am here to remind you that your looks are going to change. Your hair will gray, your skin will wrinkle, your muscles, strength, sexual arousal, will fade.
Which is why you marry your best friend.
You marry someone who thinks you're beautiful even when you ugly cry.
Someone who can't stop touching you even if you gain weight.
Someone who can spend hours in bed just holding your hand and be perfectly content.
Because beauty fades.
So marry someone who adores you.
Someone who can't look away when you walk into a room. Someone who kisses you after you falter, fall, and fail. Someone who walks away when you are being cruel, but never walks to far.
Love the one who can look at you and let you know that just like wine and cheese, you only get better with age.