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I'm not sure whether I'd want to be in this situation or not...I think I wouldn't be clever enough to see this as a confession of love toward me LOL.
In contrast, it would probably hurt like hell because he is my best friend who I probably have secret feelings
But actually though, THE FRUSTRATION. These moments pretty much define the line of their relationship since Choi Won so cleverly set a boundary so they would be friends forever. I mean, I get him not wanting to ruin their relationship, but.....
No worries though. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and I know this is gonna be one amazing heck of an ending. They love each other too much to stay away, hahaha. (The Taiwanese version was just as amazing, by the way.)
IN THE END, they will be the cutest and happiest couple ever. ♡♡♡ Oh, how I ship Jinwook and Ha Ji Won xD.
yes you doo!! XD @christy and yassss I agree they are so shippable and THAT CHEMISTRY THO ♡♡♡
I need to make time to this drama this weekend sure
wooow can't wait to tomorrow to watch@kpopchicken
This drama is so cute it hurts, they have such a great relationship <3