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Unless you were one of those lucky people at San Diego Comic Con yesterday, you missed Rupert Graves, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue as they discussed fandom, adapting the series, and whether or not we'll ever see Irene again.

Thankfully, the video is already online!

If you don't have a full hour to spare, The Baker Street Babes were kind enough to live-tweet the Q&A for those of us stuck on the other side of the country.

Good to know, fanartists basically have carte blanche now.

Moffat still seems as enthusiastic as ever about the show.

That sounds pretty final on the subject of Irene.

So much for the rumors that have been floating around for weeks. The DID hint at a third Holmes brother, which sounds promising! Really dedicated Sherlockians have come to the conclusion that there was a third Holmes brother in the original stories, since Mycroft and Sherlock would have needed to act as the head of household during that era, unless there was someone else to step in.

There was also a special greeting from Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Andrew Scott!