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When you think New York City, you're first thought is probably Times Square, huge crowds of tourists and the pungent aroma of garbage.

While these are all true, despite these things -- people often forget that the concrete jungle happens to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Just think Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big -- that's New York City's romance at best. We all wanted that relationship and some of us are lucky to have it. From the weekly dates to the limo rides to dinner. Of course it sounds nice, but for some of us -- our pockets aren't deep enough for that kind of lifestyle and that's okay.
No need to wait hours for a table in that five star restaurant you read about when you can enjoy a romantic evening for half the price. New York can be expensive, but there are hidden gems for those frugal people (including myself) that make those date nights worthwhile. If you've ran out of ideas and money, don't panic -- I've got you covered with five frugal romantic date night spots in the best city ever.

Watch The Sunset In Prospect Park

It doesn't get anymore romantic than sitting in the park with your lover while watching the sunset. Grab a blanket, some good food and enjoy each others company.

Catch A Romantic Foreign Film In The City

It's something different and more than likely it won't be crowded. Believe or not, there are quite a few foreign film theaters in the city -- you just have to scope them out. If you're a fan of reading subtitles and sappy films, this is for you.

Go Museum Hopping

There are so many museums in the city -- you probably couldn't even visit them all in one day. Narrow down your choices and hop from museum to museum for free or the low. Either way, you won't be breaking your pockets and you'll be looking at masterpieces with a masterpiece (the crowd says 'awwww').

Have An Intellectual Conversation Over Coffee

When doing coffee dates, go somewhere different than your typical Starbucks. I mean in New York, there's literally a Starbucks on every block. Go for your more trendy and 'mom & pop' coffee shops. Indulge in each others company over a delicious iced coffee. You'll be saving money and there won't be a long wait.

Riding The Ferris Wheel Into The Night

I mean honestly, what's more romantic than riding the ferris wheel at night time alongside your beau? No feelings of fear, just feelings of love in the air -- let's hope. Coney Island is the perfect spot to have a cute little date surrounded by so much history.

What are you waiting for? Grab your partner and start exploring.