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I want to swear and scream and yell, but, frankly, the Mets' stupidity doesn't even really warrant the time it would take me to do so in an intelligent manner.


Sorry. I had to.
The rookie phenom has done an outstanding job in his first two starts and blown up the already massive hype surrounding his rookie season. But, he was pitching hurt.
He complained of lat stiffness after his first start. But the Mets threw him out there for a second start. He pitched great, throwing 6 scoreless innings and 101 pitches.

When your top prospect complains of an injury, YOU DO NOT PLAY HIM.

And you DEFINITELY don't allow him to throw 101 pitches!
You do not figure it is just a factor of his adrenaline. You do not do anything. You SIT HIM DOWN, until there is absolutely no chance that he is injured.
I like manager Terry Collins. But this goes beyond foolishness.

This is something that only the Mets could pull off.

Matz will now go at least three weeks without throwing. Which, realistically, means he'll be out at least a month - and probably closer to two months.
Say it with me:

When your rookie phenom says he's stiff, YOU REST HIM!

When your rookie phenom says he's stiff, YOU REST HIM!

When your rookie phenom says he's stiff, YOU REST HIM!

Yeah, I think this was a pretty silly move. I mean the Mets dont even have to play this kid if you are shaky on his health, aren't they rolling with a 6-man rotation right now?
@christianmordi yes! absolutely no reason to even think about rolling the dice. Had they rested him after his first start he could've missed just one start but had two full weeks off with the All Star break. bonehead play.