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Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth all joined Conan on his talk show this week. But the highlight was none other than Lawrence who sang Cher's 'Believe' on television! It's funny because Lawrence has said many times how much she HATES singing in front of people. But apparently it wasn't bothering her too much as she broke into song.

This is how J.Law feels about her song, 'The Hanging Tree'.

Conan complimented Lawrence on her huge success of Mockingjay Part 2's 'The Hanging Tree' which managed to top the iTunes Music Charts last year. She went from actress to a one hit wonder as she was broadcasted to radio stations all over the country overnight. But Lawrence pointed out that she could make farting noises and it would have still been at the top of the charts. True...
Cocky or Honest? She's right though, people would buy anything that she made just because of who she is. That's a fair assumption.

Check out her hilarious impression of Cher!

Cocky comment, for sure. But I'll let it slide this once. Would have been better to let someone ELSE say it about her than to say it of herself. If another slip like this occurs, then it creates a pattern. And patterns are tell-tale signs of a raging undercurrent.
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I love Jennifer Lawrence,she's baeee
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Omg, my Cher impression is so much better. I've been doing it ever since high school!
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@danidee You should record yourself and put it in a card. Battle of the Cher Impressions :)
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Omg, I don't have enough liquor in me to do that..
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