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Hull City now have the strangest sponsor in sports
Ah, the drama of relegation.
Hull City were relegated from the Premier League this year. And with relegation comes a serious downturn in, well, just about everything.
Quality players.
Average attendance.


Last season, Hull City were sponsered by 12Bet, a sports betting company. A pretty standard pairing, as far as EPL teams and their sponsorships go.
This season? Hull City will be sponsored by Flamingo Land.
Flamingo Land is a zoo and a themed attraction park in the UK.
It's going to be pretty hard to take Hull City seriously as they run around with Flamingo Land on their shirts.
Maybe the thinking is that it will cause opponents to take them lightly, allowing Hull to surprise teams?

Sure, let's go with that.

Also, they kinda look like a bunch of flamingos in that first photo. Right? Right?
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