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Its finally the weekend of Shark week which means its time to start participating in the most American way to watch Shark week...THE SHARK WEEK DRINKING GAME!
There are many different rules, games and variations to get trashed during shark week. But for your enjoyment I have complied the perfect list of easy to remember rules for your Shark Week Drinking pleasure.
Pro Tip: I would print them out and hang the rules next to the TV because the longer you play, the more you're gonna forget.
Top 10 Shark Week Drinking Game Rules
*cue Jaws theme song*
1. When someone is referred to as a "shark expert" take 2 gulps
2. When someone quotes "This species is usually peaceful" take 2 gulps
3. When a man is pointing and yelling "get a load of this" take 2 gulps
4. When a shark gets up close and personal with the camera take 2 gulps
5. Watching a dramatic reenactment of a shark attack drink half
6. When a shark catches a seal or penguin or whatever becomes its shark snack finish your beer (for the aquatic homie)
7. When someone has a close encounter with a shark while submerged in the cage shot- gun a beer (in honor of the homie dodging that bullet)
8. When the Jaws theme song plays funnel a beer. Feel free to dance along to the theme song.
9. When a shark is airborne chug the entire time its in the air. This includes the slowed down replay.
10. When someone dies take a shot.
I hope you enjoy Shark Week Weekend as much as I will! Drink responsibility, drink heavily, and maybe drink every time someone says Shark.
Whatever you do, have an amazing time and Happy Shark Week!
Yeah, if the shark is still in the scene, that's cool. Just none of this 'Check out this nifty-looking squid!' shit.
@danidee hhahaha PERFECT because this is shark week and we have no other time for animals....unless of course they are being eaten by the shark
Whenever they show an underwater sea creature that isn't a shark, throw a shot at the screen and go BOOOOOOO!!!!
I'm offering an Amendment to Rule No. 10. When someone dies, you POUR ONE OUT, for the dead homies.
@jeff4122 yeah ill agree to that one too!! Gotta show some respect haha