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Unlike the previous Marvel films, anticipation for the upcoming Ant-Man film has been extremely polarized.

The private screenings have already begun, reporters and fans alike have been tweeting and blogging, and their opinions are as mixed as they were before. Whether you're team "it's gonna flop" or team "how are you not excited about this", you're gonna want to watch the viral trailer for Ant-Man. Even if you feel like you've wasted your time, the video is only a minute and twenty seconds.

If you're still scratching your head, let me break it down for you:

Marvel is in this for the long haul. Sure, we already knew that, they have film releases scheduled through 2019. But they won't settle for just being the top-grossing franchise of all time. They're determined to make themselves not only relevant, but necessary.

Look at all of the references!

In less than two minutes they managed to reference Iron Man (that's why that reporter is familiar- Christine Everhart was the reported that seemed completely incapable of resisting a story about Tony Stark), Age of Ultron ("in that part of the world" aka the imaginary Sokovia which was devastated by the events of that film) and the upcoming Civil War story line, which will focus on how governments deal with their super powered citizens.

Not only do you need to have seen all the previous films, you need to know what's on the horizon.

If you're *just* looking at Iron Man 1&2 (for Everhart) and AoU, that's 391 minutes of film you'll need to watch to understand what's going on in this video. AND you need to be keeping track of the comics and the film release dates- or you'll totally miss the subtle teaser for Civil War.

Basically, we're expected to submit to Marvel's world takeover.

I for one, welcome our spandex-clad overlords.
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