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Everyone loves to travel, but nobody likes looking like a tourist. Here are 5 ways to avoid looking like a fool on your next sight seeing trip. All Photos By: Tess Stevens for

1. Take Pictures, but not of LITERALLY EVERYTHING.

People get excited of landmarks, for example the fountain in front of the Plaza Hotel in New York, but don't stand there taking a hundred pictures of it or people will totally clock you as a tourist.

2. Walk with purpose.

If you're a tourist, you're going to doddle, so force yourself to keep it cool and walk with some fortitude. It makes you look like you know where you're going and that's great!

3. Ditch The Backpack

Backpacks are a tell-tale sign of a tourist. To be fair, lots of people carry them around in big cities, but if you really want to blend in, then get rid of it. Note: this is a picture of my backpack, so I'm just as guilty as you.

4. Never get caught with a map in your hands.

Again, my own map, please forgive me. People who are native to whatever area you are visiting don't need maps, because well they live there. Ditching the map will make you 100 percent less touristy. Using apps like Embark or just Google Maps will get you where you need to go in a really discrete way, so just do that!

5. For the love of god avoid the Selfie Stick at all cost! Damn it!

I cannot stress this enough. No selfie sticks at any time. No picture is worth the embarrassment. Seriously, people will look at you.
Good luck and travel as much as popular, just don't get caught being a tourist!
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@TessStevens yup. it's great to be surrounded by beaches. I love the country tho-so quiet and clean and the nicer ppl are there
@TerrecaRiley id love to travel there someday!
@TessStevens oh you should
@TerrecaRiley is it really hot there? Like year round?
@TessStevens it depends on where you go. it's cool in the hills and can get very cold, and hot in the plains and the costs. But it's a small enough island, you can experience it all in a week. It's kind of expensive though