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It's nice to know that old lady who botched the "Ecce Hommo" fresco was able to find a new line of work.
Just say no
@JackieMurrayCab To be honest, you can tell the person has SOME skill. It's just obvious that they took on a project that was much more complicated than they'd originally bargained for! (I don't even know what my cake would look like if I tried to do this...)
LOVE THAT QUOTE! I'm stealing it because it's so true!
Yeah, I agree. I believe the baker was not skilled, but I'm saying that the buyer should also do some research into the baker as well. The old expression always holds true...you get what you pay for. And my personal favorite...Good cakes aren't cheap...and cheap cakes aren't good.
@JackieMurrayCab you're WISE to refuse. I'd refuse also. The cake appears to have been prepared by someone with effort. I don't think this was sabotage. But I question the skill of the baker/designer/decorator. Reminds me of a wedding I went to where the bride wanted an arch of flowers. Instead, the florist delivered a plastic arch so small only 1 person could fit. It was decked with tulle and a couple fake flowers. It was a really bad attempt at something remarkable. Obviously, the arch was nixed.
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