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When It Comes To Decorating, It Seems This Baker Really 'Let It Go'.
It's nice to know that old lady who botched the "Ecce Hommo" fresco was able to find a new line of work.
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LOVE THAT QUOTE! I'm stealing it because it's so true!
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@JackieMurrayCab To be honest, you can tell the person has SOME skill. It's just obvious that they took on a project that was much more complicated than they'd originally bargained for! (I don't even know what my cake would look like if I tried to do this...)
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Just say no
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Hahaha @TerrecaRiley I agree. This is a hilarious misstep. But how come no one has asked yet – why would you want to CUT UP and EAT a cake shaped like a human face????? XD
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@allischaaff I know!! I know!! Me me me!!
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