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Last night on CONAN, Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games gang stopped by with their usual antics. Several important things happened: Jennifer Lawrence showed off her singing voice AND Josh Hutcherson spilled the beans about a potential new Hunger Games movie.
First, after making a couple fart noises and cursing so much that she was asked to put money in a swear jar, Jennifer Lawrence continued to charm everyone by belting out some of Cher's "Believe".
Personally, I think her impression is a little more Louis Armstrong than Cher, but I appreciate the shameless attempt.
During the same interview, Josh Hutcherson let slip that there's probably a Hunger Games prequel or sequel film in the works that goes beyond the original series. Jennifer Lawrence's shocked response indicates that this news was supposed to be kept under wraps....oops.
If this is true that is incredible. Will this just be the movie or will we get a book as well? I really enjoyed reading the books for this series, they were sharp!
@christianmordi I'm not sure because this is the first time fans ever heard about it thanks to Josh Hutcherson's big mouth haha! I think it's probably just a movie, which will be interesting because the three films followed the books pretty closely.