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Like most of you guys, I'm very used to seeing Kim Soo Hyun's bright smile in CFs and posters. So his serious look in this photoshoot surprised me. The man from the star will steal your heart with his thoughtful style in this issue of Elle.
Just for Kim Soo Hyun fans, I added quotes from his drama "My Love from the Star" to each photo. ^_^
"It hits you like that at once. Puff. It’s usually like that. There is no time to prepare your mind. Suddenly, randomly, absurdly, it just hits you. First love is usually the most difficult."
"I don’t even know if there is really a love. And if it is… then this world may not be in such a mess."
"If you really like that girl, don’t mind the feelings of anyone else, but protect that girl in your own way."
"If a reason for me to meet her comes, then don't you think I will?If I go without meeting her, then it will be because there was no reason to."
"If you saw me as a replacement for someone else, then you’re the worst. But if I continue liking you despite knowing that, then I’m even worse."
"When there's no love, how can a story have a happy ending?"
"I’m that kind of person who starts to regret the moment after I angrily turn away and leave."
"Is sorting through your feelings the same as tidying your room? How can you do it so fast?"
"Now I know it all too well that the length of time isn’t important. What is important is with whom you spend that time."
"Life has taught me… That is not easy for someone I love to love me back. When it does happen, it’s nothing short of a miracle."
Hope you enjoyed this cheesy photoshoot card! If there are other K-drama stars (maybe your biases) who you would like to see photoshoots of, please let me know! :D
Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^
@brunax yes I do :(
@christy Haha, little kid in a hot body...perfect description! And yay, glad you did @netchtiBates! :D
Always when I see his smile think he is little kid in hot body. I like this card alot@poojas
@poojas Right in the feels! I love these quotes ;~;
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