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If you're not Tony Stark (or gifted with an equal amount of genius and apparently unlimited money), building an Iron Man suit is no easy task. Building one that is flexible, comfortable, and mechanically operational? Well, it took the XRobots team four years to complete.

And the results are awesome.

Four years in four minutes.

The costume designer used a variety of materials and techniques to build the suit. The base is foam, while the armor components are polyurethane resin and fiberglass cast from hand-sculpted moulds. And that's the *easy* stuff. There's also a control panel for the electrical lights in the palm, eyes, and on the wrists, as well as custom designed 3-D printed components.

Sure, this all seems really complicated.

But honestly? With enough time and dedication (and some extra income), you can definitely learn to do all of this yourself. Four years is a really long time to be working on a costume, but if it'll make you really happy, why not go for it?
The cosplayer was kind enough to produce video tutorials for every aspect of the project. So whether you want a suit of your own, or are trying to figure out how to build a different costume, you can pick up plenty of tips from a cosplay veteran.

You'll have to bring your own cocky swagger though.

thank you 馃榿
Good luck :D
@djdoubl3up that sounds AWESOME
I want to start with a Gajeel and Levy duo. I want to do a photo shoot with me as Gajeel and one of my friends as Levy.
I want to start a whole cosplay group for my friends 馃榿. I want to know how to eventually make some of this stuff or Commission it to be made.
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