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Kim Kardashian has almost completed world domination. She now has more Instagram followers than every other human being on planet Earth EXCEPT for Beyoncé. Queen B still holds the crown as she has 40.7 million followers. Kim is the reality TV star who became famous for being famous but now has many skills to back her fame up. Her American royalty family has now taken the United States and world by storm making millions of dollars from business endeavors. Kim wins every time and it's unbelievable.
SO you're probably wondering still how many followers she has...

40 MILLION Instagram followers.

She officially has more followers than most of the countries in the world and she's about to pass Spain in followers to country population ratio. She only needs 6-7 million to conquer Spain. Again, this is just insane.
We can now sit back and watch as Kim posts tons of selfies and tweets today. Her biggest competitors are Ariana Grande at 39.2M, Taylor Swift at 38.1M, Selena Gomez at 38.1M, and Justin Bieber at 35.8M. But again, Beyoncé reigns supreme QUEEN B at 40.7M.
Every tweet, Instagram post, whatever it is, is reaching more people globally than most governments have influence on their own country populations. It's crazy to wrap your head around it.

I'm still in shock.