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Oh la la!

You're sitting in a Parisian café, sipping your espresso, when suddenly – you lock eyes with a beautiful stranger. You feel a small shiver run down your spine as flirtatious energy flits between the two of you. Will one of you make a move? You muster up all your courage, and prepare to approach them – but after "bonjour," what will you say?
Here are a couple of options guaranteed to charm. ;)

Vous avez des yeux magnifiques.

(Vooz av-VAY dez yoo man-nee-FEEK)
You have beautiful eyes.
A perfect opening line. A sincere compliment can go a long way!

Je peux vous offrir un verre?

(Juh poh vooz off-REER uhn ver?)
Can I buy you a drink?
The universal gesture of romance: buying someone a beverage. It's got the added benefit of giving you a built-in opportunity to get to know each other.

Vous êtes célibataire? Mais comment est-ce possible?

(Vooz ett say-lee-ba-TAIR? May COM-mont ess pos-SEE-bl?)
You're single? But how's that even possible?
After you've determined that they don't currently have a partner, flatter them by letting them know how impossibly attractive you find them.

J'ai envie de t'embrasser.

(Jhay en-VEE de tom-brass-SAY)
I'd like to kiss you.
When the moment is right, there's nothing that gets someone's heart beating faster like letting your eyes momentarily drop to their mouth, then looking them right in the eyes and telling them you want to kiss them. Très sexy!
Et voilà – now you know how to draguer ("drag-GAY"; pick someone up) in French! Bon courage! ;)
If you'd like to know how to say other flirty phrases, just let me know! :)
Wowow bon courage (good luck)!! :D I hope you have a wonderful time ;D I'm sure that your French will leave that lucky man reeling :)
Thanks for tagging Alli! I love french and this card. I'm going on a date tonight, so im def going to use that 'I'd like to kiss you line" !!!!
@phitecus @jordanhamilton @vanessaramirez1 @RobynHope – thought you guys might like this card! :)
why thank you so much! def looking forward to it, maybe I can woo him with a few french terms haha