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Celibacy (n.) - the state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations.

The Big C. The half sister of abstinence. The forbidden secret. The one word every guy hates. Yes, it's a word many don't like to associate themselves with and others think is rather ridiculous, but at the end of the day -- there are people who actually practice the art celibacy. Oh, you didn't know it was an art? Well, having the self control to restrain yourself from engaging in any activity for a set amount of time in my opinion, is indeed an art.
Whether you made a vow to God or made a vow to yourself, having the ability to abstain from sexual activity for most is extremely hard. It all comes down to what you believe in and doing what's best for yourself. We often only associate women with being celibate, but there just as many guys who have made a vow to abstain from the 'humpty hump' just as much. Of course it sounds hard for someone who probably engages in the activity on a weekly basis, but you weren't always sexually active. Like any other habit, it can be hard to call it quits, but it can be rather rewarding in the long run.
When getting yourself into a relationship with someone who is sexually active, it can be intimidating at first -- especially when they have no clue that this is the lifestyle you choose to live. Voice your reasoning and opinions, it never hurts. If they respected you before, they should be able to respect your decision even more.
We live in a world where literally everything is over sexualized -- from movies to music and that's not even the core of the issue. People get into relationships with the idea that sex is something that comes with the package. Since when? If we focused more so on the mental than the physical, honestly more relationships would probably last. Those who can have the self control to abstain from such a worldly activity get all my respect because we live in a world where people can't even abstain from looking at their phone for more than five minutes.
Let it be known from jump street and there won't be any issues. If he respects you enough for putting your body first, he will respect your wishes -- if not, it's to the left like Beyonce.
Definitely important! and I feel like virginity and celibacy are like brothers and sisters lol but I agree making the decision to abstain from sexual activity is a bold move and I commend anyone who is strong enough to do so and not worry about what others may think or say.
i think this is so important! i did a card a few weeks ago about the idea of the virginity complex and how no one should be ashamed of being a virgin!! its the same as being Celibate! boo one should make you feel bad for the choices you make with your body!