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I need a Houston K-Popper! All of my friends are either on different states or country. I love them but I wanna know more K-Poppers near me.
So true! Kpop lover here from Las Vegas, hiii!!!
I just recently reconnected with a friend I use to hang out with 10 years ago. We both still lived in the same area. We both realized we each loved Kdramas and KPOP! It was so exciting. Plus it was like we picked up where our friendship left off. We are seeing BIGBANG in October and going to Korea in September next year! We are so thankful to hang out together again and have someone who shares the love of the K world!
I live in Houston!!
I actually live in Laredo TX ... and in my school I found a lot of people that like kpop... also like I have this crush on this guy and he looked Japanese ,, and I talked to him and I even found out he liked kpop and watched kdramas what was even better was that we liked the same bands :3
@KpopGaby really cool
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