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There are some things we can do that has you scratching your head. But hey, we're complicated creatures. here are some of the things we do, and why we do it.

We Can Eat

...even if we don't want to. If abuela or mami is making dinner, we are expected to clean that plate up. And we can never refuse abuela's cooking. It's a sign of major disrespect if you don't eat what she places in front of you.

Our Weight Can Fluctuate Often

This goes hand-in-hand with how much we can eat. And there is a totally-not-backed-up correlation to how close we are to our family's house, and how much weight will gain. Abuela's right around the corner? 20-pound increase. We're across the country? Hello beach body!

We're Not Actually Mad

Sometimes we yell, shout, scream -- but it doesn't mean we're upset. It can just be the way we communicate with each other. And because...we're passionate.


We're pros at it. We say something off-the-walls funny -- with a straight face. How you react to it, is up to you. But to be on the safe side, you should probably laugh, and feel slightly uncomfortable.


Sometimes we're speaking in Spanish, and we aren't really conscious of it. A lot of the times we speak "Spanglish" and we think it''s all English. We switch back-and-forth. Not on purpose, it is just another natural language to us. And also... because sometimes we can't find the words we're looking for, so we do the language switch.