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Sometimes you just know from the beginning that a day is just going to be rough and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep away the shitty day.
Here are the fool proof signs that you are going to have a terrible day. If it were me, I would just take a personal day and avoid everything.
1. Your alarm completely ruins the best dream you've ever had at the worst time ever.
2. You can not find anything to wear, including clean undies.
3. Its time to brush your teeth and you step in the only puddle inside the house while wearing socks.
4. You pour cereal before realizing there is no milk. You then have to try not to completely explode.
5. Right after you leave the house you realize didn't charge your phone last night. COOOOOOL now you can't even tweet about how shitty your day is.
6. Noticing that $20 you had in your wallet is actually only a dollar after you ordered coffee.
7. Of course your hair tie has to break while you are having a terrible hair day and the humidity is WAY TO HIGH.
8. Its starts raining and you're wearing flip flops=mud splatter everywhere. If you're wearing white pants honestly just completely stop trying to make it through.
9. And of course, the one time you look like a total train wreck, you run smack dab into the person who would be your soul mate if you didn't look like a psycho.
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@hddm That sounds like a nightmare!!!! And @LizArnone I KNOW. I love 50 Cent. He and Chelsea Handler were my OTP.
This is such an amazing and funny card. 馃憤
@rodiziketan thanks so much!!! Glad you enjoyed and can relate
love this card, these GIFs just made my day. I am super guilty of pouring the cereal before checking for milk, lol. Super bummer
@christianmordi oh mannnnnn haha that just made me feel so sad for you! i hate hate hate when that happens