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The Fire Will Burn Forever.

Now we know Katniss is chilling in District 13th ready to pounce on The Capitol. President Snow is getting ready to kill everyone but Katniss is hoping to kill him before things get too bad. The districts are rebelling and there's a TON of propaganda going on. The crazy reality is that the games aren't really over yet, they're just beginning.

The movie comes out in November.


The new teaser shows a military drill in District 13 wearing the iconic yet changed white peacekeeper looking uniforms. They are in sync and there's a lot of men and women ready to fight. Lots of guns in a big warehouse. And then there's Katniss coming in the warehouse in all red with a cape and she stands before everyone to prepare for battle.
Like most of the other trailers, posters, and teaser clips, the Hunger Games PR team has really taken advantage of the propaganda creative theme throughout its advertising for the movie! I have to give them credit, there hasn't been one announcement, costume, or advertisement that hasn't WOW'D.
So go ahead, check the teaser out!

I'm so excited to see this movie!

Don't worry Katniss, I'll stand with you.

Are you a Hunger Games fan?

that was really smart about the wings cool!!
This picture of her is perfect! Katniss definitely carries herself as a queen. The Warrior Queen.