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I'm pretty excited for the movie. It won't be exactly like the comics but it'll still be good. They won't have all the superheroes or the villains choosing a side but it'll still be interesting.
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which side you will choose...I Think Captain America is the right leader to follow..
@FreeWill666 I knowwwww I don't want to see it. But I do. But I don't. And HECK YEAH @salkhashan I am right there with you. Steve Rogers stole my heart.
@salkhashan @shannonl5 I'm sorry I'm so late guys lol. Yeah I'd go with Cap as well.
@shannonl5 (but since Doctor Strange, Benedict my baby, will be in the MCU then Cap will come back)
@FreeWill666 I really hope so! Chris Evans' contract doesn't extend much further. Finger crossed!