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For the bride looking for the exquisite, the remarkable, the highest of drama, then Emmanuele is just for you! I discovered the House of Emmanuele quite by accident. And for one reason or another, I keep finding random gems in Australia. As it happens, Emmanuele is Down Under.
This golden crown of glitz is a far cry from what you've come to expect from Santee Alley rhinestone tiaras!
With affordable prices that are just as shocking as the beauty of these accessories, you can't escape the trance effect of these stunning pieces! Look at this emerald dazzler!
Emmanuele isn't just about standardized rings and necklaces. They also do much work of headpieces, hand and foot pieces also.
Every piece of jewelry is a statement piece in itself. Wear them with statement dresses or simple dresses. Either way, wearing Emmanuele is to be worn by a bride with exceedingly personal taste, epic style and with a mind to be her most sexy and daring at the same time.
This is a screen grab from the website. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for pieces like these that dual function as both hand and foot pieces.