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I adore BTS, but I don't fully understand what a bias is. Can you please tell me what a bias is? So I can find my bias within my favorite groups. Especially BTS. Moreover what are your bias's within BTS:)
mine is V (kim taehyung) it like @katiems it basically your favorite member out of all the one you your more attracted too. oh by the way you should post this in the bts community and join it if you want more bts :)
mine is J-Hope! ^^ basically a bias is your favorite member. the one who always catches your attention above the rest. Hope that helps!
My bias kept evolving, the more I got to know them as a group and as individual members, the closer I get to my true bias. First it was V, then it was Jungkook, and now it's finally Rap Monster!
love rap monster. love his voice.
Cool!! @B1A4BTS5ever me and you are the same, lol even though I love the members so much, I just have a soft spot for TaeTae <3 \(^-^)/
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