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Why would you have to be told this in the first place at all? πŸ˜‚
I just spit out my water lmfao hahahaha also, I heard that gifs will only work if uploaded onto the site via computer ATM 😯
What a perve! XD I remember how he looked for girl undergarments in Roommate. Cochino :P
is it bad that this seems like something I would say to my teacher on the first day of school like: Teacher: Sasha can you tell some of your hobbies...other than kpop. Me: See my mom told me I can't talk about boobs. teacher:....... Me:...... teacher: why do i have to work at a performing Arts school . Filled with creative weirdos. Me: *pervy grin* Friend: oh gawdd
Hahaha omg I love Henry. He can be a bit of a little perv but nothing over the top. Perhaps that's why Amber will never date him. He's scared of her so my guess is something went down between the two but nothing serious enough to break that friendship.