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Watch out everyone, J.Cole is branching into the fashion world. The North Carolina native is designing boots and a backpack for Bally's 2015 collection, The New York Times reports.
While in the planning process, J.Cole stumbled across a picture of Bob Marley with the Swiss company. It was at that moment that J.Cole knew he made the right choice.
"I was impressed with the heritage of the company and how many people and places they’ve touched that I had no clue about," J. Cole says.
J.Cole worked closely with Bally’s head designer, Pablo Coppola, on a hiking boot and a backpack. The line reflects his views on quality while fitting his own personal needs. "As I’m getting older, I’m learning more about what my true style actually is, becoming more confident in what I like," he says. "I love simplicity and comfort. Comfort is king. I feel at home in a pair of comfortable boots, and I always have a backpack with me. I keep my life in my backpack."
The boots will be come in three colorways (eggplant, snakeskin and olive green) and range in price from $695 to $1,995. The backpacks are scheduled to retail from $1,250 to $2,795.
For that price, the backpack better be able to read my mind and fill itself based on the information it absorbed. The line looks very nice.. and expensive.
Save your coins good people.
Hahaha exactly my man. Talk about over-extending yourself...
@jeff4122 2,800 for a backpack, that bag is the price of a 2003 Acura, lol. I'm the biggest J.Cole fan out, but this is a bit much.