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Basically if I could build a cast around me, this is who i'd pick! ^^
Kim Mi Kyung is my kind caring mother but still sassy enough to be related haha
Park Seo-joon is a great oppa so he is my brother! Mainly we just fight but we love each other!
Park Jun-Keum the evil mother-in-law. She is there to break us up and it almost works but her son mans up and chooses our love! (I will also take Daesung in her place if she is to busy ruining other peoples lives.)
2 female lead is Kim Ji Won, I get mad, and probably slap her, just saying. She is trying to take my man, its not cool
The faithful assistant L! He is there to help the main lead with his crazy plans and be the voice of reason! Also probably dating my bestfriend...
My Bestfriend Kim Seul Ki! She is there to yell at me when I make horrible choices like a true friend and she still goes a long with my crazy ideas!
Choi JinHyuk is my kind 2nd lead. Hes there to pick me up when Im down and help heal my heart. He makes the lead look horrible but still in the end, you cant stop true love so he is broken hearted.
Kim Woobin is always first lead in my heart! He starts out cocky and mean but something connects us and slowly we come together <3 He is so soft and caring to me and shows me cute little sides of him no one has seen. WE LIVE HAPPLIY EVER AFTER, THE END!
So there ia my drama cast and of course the star is me! Did you like it? would ypu watch my drama? If you make your own drama cast tag me!
@VixenViVi This is an awesome idea! I would totally watch your drama! You've inspired me. I night have make a card like this.
@CandanceJordan I'm glad you like it! Please do! and tag me XD I want to see your drama cast too! ^^
@poojas you might like this XD