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If you don't already know, I absolutely love K-pop fanart! I realized there's also a whole bunch of K-drama fanart out there, and they need to be shared! So I've decided to put together a collection called K-Drama Fanart to collect all my favorite fanart and share them with you guys. Let me know if you'd like to find any specific K-drama fanart for you and make sure to post cards about ones that you find as well (and tag me so I can clip them)! :D
His drama Big was such an amazing one! The plot might have not been the best, but seeing him act out 2 characters was awesome!
He is such an adorable actor...and he never ages. I love the beanie in this one!
I've never actually seen him look like this in a drama. But I imagine this being his rebellious high school phase.
Once again, I'm amazed at the skills of these artists who create fan art! That hair must've taken so long to draw.
I could not find much Coffee Prince fanart that I liked, but here's another one from Big!
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Look forward to more K-drama fanart each week! ^_^
Glad you enjoyed these guys! @KutieKiKi @maria213 @stevieq @StephanieDuong @VixenViVi :D @chandnip804 Hope you saw these as well :)
why do I feel like I have no talent... #thisiskillingme
Lol @Uniangel18 practice makes perfect unless you have a hidden talent for something else
@Nonabisi Of course! :) I will find some for you :D
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