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It's back!!!

Amid the giant scandal with Tyga's nude photos and Kourtney Kardashian recently breaking up with Scott Disick, Kylie hasn't said much. She hasn't really posted anything on social media except for some pictures and support for the movie, The Gallows. So naturally, if you're going to make a big statement, you might as well not let anyone down.
Kylie stunned at the launch of her Kylie Hair Kouture extension line at Bellami Beauty Bar in West Hollywood. Kylie has had many styles over the past year however this one seems to be the most impressive. Yes, she did dabble with this blue hair back in April but it didn't last very long. But it looks better than ever.

With a tweet like this, it was foreshadowing to her blue hair...

Kylie loves to switch up her hairstyle and hair color. It's already been blue, red, black, green, and grey. But Kylie really loves the blue, "I'd probably never go pink or purple [when it comes to my hair] because blue is my thing," she told earlier this year. "Other than that, I'm extremely open to changing my style and trying different things."
Fans took to Instagram and Twitter to rave over her new hairstyle. It looks like Kendall loves it too! If there's anything we know, it's that Kylie loves to keep people guessing and she's always pushing the envelope even at age 17.

I personally like the blue hair, but do you?

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i do like this either. i think this shows a starting of her own stylie. when she had black hair it looks like kim but maybe now she's trying to establish her own