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Okay, okay, relax, you're telling yourself. Just take it easy on him, and this will go smoothly. He already kinda likes you, so just finish it off strong, right?
You've just finished having a nice, romantic dinner at your apartment with this guy whom you've been kind of seeing for a couple of weeks. This is date 3 or 4, you aren't totally sure.
You are sure, though, that you definitely like this guy. He can cook, he likes to read, and he plays the same videogames as you, for the most part.
At the end of dinner, after the dishwasher is loaded up and you guys get in some premium smoochin', he playfully suggests to you that you both should play a friendly match of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
When he says that, you get a little concerned, because you are really good at UMVC3. You don't want to potentially freak him out with it. Maybe he likes girls who play games, but is he prepared for just how much game playing you meant when you said it?
I guess he'll find out, right?
After the first match, he seemed to remain in high spirits. He laughed your victory off as a 'fluke'. That's annoying, but you've gotta be willing to extend him the benefit of the doubt.
After the third match, he was a little less full of laughter, and his insistence on another rematch had a little more edge in it than the last one. Still, though, he's smiling, and enjoying himself.
After the sixth match, his sleeves got rolled up to the elbow and he started sitting on the edge of the couch, associating proximity with the screen to getting closer to victory. Maybe I should try letting him win one of these? Would he know?
After his eighth straight loss, he starts grumbling under his breath as you fight, making minor complaints and groaning with every one of your advancing guards or hyper combos. He's kind of a sore loser, isn't he? Maybe I should've suggested a game he would be better at.
After the tenth match, he drops the controller onto the floor in front of him and jumps up out of his seat, screaming bloody murder about Vergil's nonsensical backwards hit-boxes. Thankfully, he remembers himself before he makes too great a scene.
He turns around to you and apologizes with a smile, though it feels feigned. He says something about the time, and having to be up for work in the morning, and thanks you for the evening. He promises something about 'winning one next time'.
you walk him to the door, and you guys have a quick, lackluster parting kiss. After he's gone, you're surprised that you don't feel more upset or disappointed.
Man, he reaaallly sucks at UMVC3. Can't find any good ones anymore, you think as you load up your Skyrim save.
Story of my life
Haha Omg this made me laugh. This has happened more times than not! 😂
Dammm. I better practice