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Bill Hader has been impersonating people for years, and now the tables have turned. Yesterday during an interview with Extra, Jon Hamm sat in for Bill Hader to field questions about the upcoming film, Trainwreck (starring Amy Schumer & Bill Hader, but no Jon Hamm).
Everything's going pretty well until Jon attempts to do some of Bill's most iconic SNL impressions like Stefon and Vincent Price. While these don't go well, it is pretty funny to watch him answer questions about his on-screen chemistry with Amy. Even more hilarious is watching the interviewer's obvious discomfort. These kind of pranks are all I would ever do if I was a celebrity.
Eventually Bill steps in to break up the madness and reclaim his territory.
Jon Hamm has proved on SNL that he's got a decent sense of humor, but for now, I'd leave the impressions to the king, Bill Hader.