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Photos and Story by: Tess Stevens for When you walk past The Dakota building on Central Park West you can feel something in the air shift. If you stand still enough you can feel the spirit of the John Lennon, one of the most prolific song writers and people of all time. Today, the Dakota is under construction, but that didn't take away the magic of looking up at the place where John Lennon spent his final days.
The Dakota stands watch over Central Park West, a bustling hub of tourists, sight-seers and athletes alike who flock to the park to view various landmarks, or just enjoy the afternoon.
It's a great spot to observe nature, meet new people and of course pay tribute to Lennon, who loved nature, people and everything in this world.
These wooden benches are a special feature you don't see in all parts of Central Park. There are a few situated outside of the Dakota when you first enter the park. If you sit for a while, things get a little eerie, almost nostalgic. The views of the water, the trees, and the city are apparent. All that is in front of you is the moment you're in. It's easy to get distracted by work or school, but sometimes when life gets too busy, it's important to sit and appreciate where you are.
Maybe when you sit here, your favorite Beatles song comes to mind, and in the still of the summer air you hear a melody. One of those unforgettable Lennon and McCartney riffs pops into mind, and all is good in the world.
As Lennon said, "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination."
Strawberry fields is a special part of Central Park that most Beatles fans will visit in their lifetime. Lennon had a way of uniting people and that is still true today.
Strawberry Fields is a designated quiet zone, so no smoking, loud phone conversations or unnecessary noise. It is a place for reflection and appreciation, just how Lennon would want it. As you stroll through the winding pathways to it's center, Strawberry Fields' most famous landmark comes into view: The "Imagine" Mosaic.
Sitting on the benches around the "Imagine" site is profound. There was a musician playing Beatles songs, and people were singing along, laughing, dancing. It was beautiful. The busy day wasn't even an afterthought. No matter who you are, the captivating nature of John Lennon still lives on. It's enough to make you cry.
People who didn't even know each other stood side by side, united by John Lennon even in 2015, nearly 36 years after his tragic death.
Beauty surrounds everything if you look hard enough. Lennon knew that before a lot of people, and he was kind enough to share it with us.

"Peace and love are eternal." - John Lennon

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This is beautiful!! I can't wait to visit & be apart of history.