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One of the most important things about cocktails is ice. There is no cocktail without the ice (well, I won't count the hot ones). The important thing is that your ice is fresh and well frozen. You can surly use plastic bags made for ice cubes, but having an ice making machine really does make everything a lot easier. The only bad point of ice maker is that your ice gets frozen really fast with around's temerature that is realy higher than in freezer, so the ice cubes might not be as frozen as they should, which means they will melt faster which is not a good thing. So the best thing you can do is to put your ice from ice maker to freezer for like an hour, which is really a good thing since that way you get a kind of storage. So what do you thing? What do you perfer? How do you get your ice? Pleas don't say you buy it :) haha
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I'm not an ice maker fan. They're so hard to clean, and my freezer does the same thing. I'm so old-fashioned, I use trays and just try to plan ahead.