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Iron Man's weapons, suit by suit

"The truth is..."

You know what's great about rewatching movies? You notice things you didn't the first time around because you were too distracted by how awesome the movie was. We all know how kick-ass the suits are. Did you catch how they evolved from film to film?

Mark 1

So we all remember that Tony was working under pressure when he built the Mark I. It was cobbled together in secret, from parts that were never intended to be used this way. The fact that he was able to build it complete with functional flamethrowers is really incredible.

Mark 3

But of course, even though the Mark I was impressive, nothing can top the unrivaled awesomeness that was seeing the Mark III in action for the first time. Hello rocket launchers in the forearm and shoulders. Plus added flexibility in all the joints, and better flight control. The red and gold paint aren't exactly subtle, but it's exactly what we all were waiting for.

Mark 6

This was the first suit to feature a triangular unibeam, because it featured the new arc reactor. The armor also had flare pods on the hips that Tony used to avoid heat-seeking missiles.

Mark 42

"Autonomous Prehensile Propulsion Suit test, initialize sequence." Yeah, my first response when I heard that in theaters was... "huh"? I'm glad we got to see the suit in action! The control Tony had during the above fight scene was an amazing step up from the first movie, the repulsors and the unibeam still packed the same explosive punch.

Mark 43

This suit got destroyed pretty early on in Age of Ultron, but first we got to see the anti-armor tank missile and the new infra-red scanner in action. Super useful toys right there.

Mark 44 aka Veronica aka "The Hulkbuster"

Yeah, this suit has three names. Probably because it does everything the other suits do, just way more. It's got enhanced strength and durability, plus a grappling hook to take down the powerful and out-of-control Hulk.

Tony Stark makes some cool gadgets.

So [spoiler alert] at the end of Age of Ultron it seemed like Tony was giving up on his superhero side gig. Granted, it also seemed like he blew up all his suits at the end of Iron Man 3 and was throwing in the towel. So, he's probably going to come back with an even better suit in the next movie. What other cool tech should he add?
Yeah that's a good point, the inverse is that an enemy with an EMP, could take down Iron Man pretty easily (I've yet to see a plausible defense against the contrary) Black Widow's tech, Hawkeye's quiver, Captain America's Shield Magnet, and all said would take away a major advantage that they have as a team. While it is interesting your previous points lead me to believe we won't be seeing this. Too bad haha
@shannonl5 Both of those are likely explanations, with movies as popular as these they may want to avoid stepping on toes.
I'm genuinely surprised he has yet to incorporate an EMP, there would have been many practical uses for it in the previous movies. (e.g. The Drones, Ultron) Granted a faraday cage could protect against it, but even current US Navy ships are susceptible.
@ChiefAlphaGoat that's very true! I could maybe see Cap surviving something like that, and possibly Thor and the Hulk as well, but it would easily knock out half the team and probably cause major civilian damage as well. Yeah, I think you're probably right. It would escalate the stakes in a way that Disney probably doesn't want to. Which is a shame, I think it would be interesting, to see how the universe would deal with something like that
@ChiefAlphaGoat sure. And since Disney owns the movies... technically nobody dies? Like obviously people do, but they don't show it. The Battle of New York for example would have had a lot of fatalities, but they only show Cap rescuing people, they leave the actual cost to our imagination. But with an EMP it would be a little bit harder to do the hand-wavey "oh no there's no death here" thing. Does that make sense?
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