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Worst case of Second Lead Syndrome?
As fun as it was to find out who our K-drama main leads would be, it's time to give some recognition to the forever-ignored second leads. I've made a list of second leads (and their dramas) here and I want to ask you guys, who gave you the worst case of SLS feels? And why did you like them more than the main lead?
Warning: You might experience Second Lead Syndrome while going through this list!

Kim Hyun Joong

Boys Over Flowers, anyone? I'm still not over it!

Kim Woo Bin

Don't even get me started on Heirs! I still refuse to accept the ending, lol.

Yoo Ah In

Did you guys watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal? Honestly, nicest guy on the planet! Of course, he doesn't get the girl. Classic.

Lee Ki Woo

Wasn't this the most confusing case of SLS ever? Still not sure why she chose the other guy...

Seo In Guk

I'm so torn about this one. I totally support So Ji Sub as the perfect match for Gong Hyo Jin in Master's Sun. But Seo In Guk was such a sweet guy. Ahh! I can't decide how I feel.

Kang Ha Neul

I don't know how many of you have watched Monstar, but I really thought he should have been the main lead!

Choi Jin Hyuk

As much as I loved the main lead in Fated to Love You, I was really sad that Choi Jin Hyuk didn't even get a chance to really confess to the female lead. He was such a sweetheart!

Kim Jae Joong

It's always a problem when two of your favorite actors star as competing leads in a drama. I still believe Jae Joong should've been the lead in Protect the Boss.
I think I would have to say Kim Woo Bin in Heirs was the worst of them for me. How about you guys? Did I miss any major second leads from other dramas?
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Woo bin in Heirs, Lee Hyun Woo in To The Beautiful You, Yonghwa in You're Beautiful, and Lee Tae Sung in Playful Kiss. T.T........so saddddd. SO SADDD.
2 years ago·Reply
kim hyung joong in bof heart breaking
2 years ago·Reply
Playful kisses , Boys over flower , Pretty man , You're beautiful , Flower boy Ramhyun Shop , My lovely girl i wanted Krystal to end up with L and many others i cant recall
2 years ago·Reply
Hi @poojas. My main SLS are: 1. Seo In Guk(Master's Sun) 2. Jung Yong Hwa(You Are Beautiful) 3. Kim Woo Bin(The Heirs) 4. Kim Hyun Jung(BOF)
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has anyone seen High School Love On? I just finished it and omg, Seong Yeol(I forget his real name). </3
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