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That video there is the trailer for an upcoming PS4 exclusive indie game called Rime. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. Just from the video, Rime looks freakin' beautiful. The scale, the colors, the environment, it all looks visually stimulating as hell.
Being developed by Madrid-based devloping team Tequila Works, Rime is an open-world puzzle/adventure game with environments that are just beckoning for exploration. The game is getting people intrigued with its amazing use color schemes and level designs.
Designed specifically for a minimalist aesthetic, the developers wanted to encourage a feeling of independence as well as a sense of wonder as you view the world through the experiences of the 8-year-old protagonist.
Even just looking at the trailer, you would be hard-pressed not to compare the visual aesthetic of the game to games like Legend of Zelda: Windwaker or even Shadow of the Colossus, for its grand scale and small, caped protagonist.
The game potentially stands to showcase the importance of unique art design in an industry plagued by the overwhelming opinion that photo-realism is better. Sure, its cool to have Kevin Spacey in a videogame, but that's not really why I came to the medium.
There is no release date yet confirmed, though it will be hopefully sooner rather than later!