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If you're active in the social media community than you remember a few months ago the social media community went crazy over the hashtag #TheDress featuring a dress in which people couldn't identify the actual color. Some people saw one color and some people saw another -- the debate literally went on for months.
If you thought that was stressful, let me introduce you to the newest hashtag in the social realm #TheShoe. This hashtag features a pair of heels and two bottles of nail polish. I must admit this one is rather hard to decipher, but my mind is telling me to go with the polish on the left.

Can you tell which nail polish color matches the pair of heels?

Why not both? Lol it's probably in between.
It's a shade that falls in between the two on the color spectrum
I def think it could be either one, it's odd, but it def has me questioning life lol @LizArnone @CallmeEunni @xtrauserr
I think it depends on the lighting. If the shoe is in the light, it matches the one on the right, and if it's in the shade, it matches the one on the left. (^_^)☆
Omg this is sooooo weird!! Each one im like deff that one but then I look back at the shoes and I'm like waittttt maybe the other one
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