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My baby niece tends to smile and laugh when my sisters and I sing her Shinee's "Ring Ding Dong". Yes, she is being raised with the influence of K-Pop.
my little cousin she's a 3rd grader since i would always go to her house after school...her favorite band is b1a4 and she says that her boyfriend is lee min ho and her favorite show is boys over flowers...she also tell me her friends look at her funny when she talk about them but she says she doesn't care cause they are not cool enough to know what it is but she still akes them hear songs...and one time my other cousin told her eww why do you like chines people and she said there not chines they are Korean and because they are beautiful...... i feel so proud hahahaha
Thank you for sharing your experiences. It is amazing how the older siblings and relatives can have such an influence on them. It is always good to teach them right from wrong, to be awesome, and to accept themselves without worrying about others.
Same. I have a brother with a medical condition and everytime we play either Gangnam Style, I Am The Best or Ring Ding Dong, he's always laughing hahaha :D and my little brother always jams with me while we both mumble the lyrics ㅋㅋㅋ
Good job. Get them while they're still young lol
@MagicBananas Amen. :)