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In which version did you like the second male lead the best in?
Was it the obsessed yet kind Jin Yuan Feng from the Tawainese version?
Was it the cool and handsome Bong Joon-Gu from the Korean version?
Or was it the admirable chef Ikezawa Kinnosuke from the Japanese version? Let me know who your favorite was. My favorite second male lead was the handsome Bong Joon-Gu from the Korean version.
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I love Itazura na Kiss the anime and I fell like the Taiwanese version was the best live action adaption so far. yes the korean version had KHJ but I still like It Started with a kiss more and so I liked Jiro Wang the best (although I wish he werent the second male lead, hes too cute to be the sml)
I havent watch the Taiwanese version. But I saw the name Jiro Wang and I love him lol recently so I think I might watch the Taiwanese version one day @adikiller i wish he was the first male lead. Second lead is just sad because they dont get the girl. Especially if its Jiro haha for me.
@jw852 I think you should give the Tawainese version a try, everywhere I look most people like the Tawainese version the best.
chef Ikezawa Kinnosuke from the Japanese version for sureeeee
Ikezawa Kinnosuke!!! He's hilarious and cute!!!馃檲