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The anticipation is real.

You've been texting for weeks upon weeks and that smile on your face has become a permanent accessory to your look -- thanks to him. After five long weeks of good morning texts and good night texts that you constantly try your hardest to hold off on, you're officially meeting each other for the first time.
You feel a mix of literally a million emotions that words wouldn't even be able to begin to express. You haven't felt this way in a long time and it feels pretty amazing. Who knew you would move to a new city and meet someone with so much potential? I guess being patient does pay off after all.
You've been known to jump the gun in the past and fall head over heels and as hard as you try not to, he makes it rather hard. He's everything you knew you wouldn't find, but didn't expect to find.
He's the closest thing to perfect and in a crowded city, talking to him makes everything feel okay. He reminds you of home and that is an amazing feeling. A place you feel comfortable and loved. Could it be you're falling or just infatuated? Either way, the feeling is so worth it.
Butterflies engulf your stomach and fly around viciously awaiting his arrival. Will this all be a waste or will it be the best five anticipated weeks of your life? Only time will tell. The clock is ticking.
Chin up. Be confident. He'll notice. And most of all, just relax. If it's meant to be -- it will be.
I totally know these vibes oh too well hahaha
This card is awesome, but the title totally steals the show. Amazing reference
That makes two of us. I honestly feel like any woman has felt these vibes at least once in her life @ChristinaBryce
Thanks so much!!! I appreciate you checking it out :) @jeff4122