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Do radio stations play Kpop in your area?
I think they should have a kpop radio station in america that plays kpop music. I can jump in my car and listen to some kpop that not from Spotify. we could like start a petition and get a bunch of people involved I can't be the only one. lol
**how they are
Someone in a different car was loudly playing Bang Bang Bang and I felt like telling those in the car how to they are the best but I couldn't. I was so happy and such a small and unimportant moment literally made my day, it was the only thing that was on my mind throughout the entire day lol.
@AmberMaze shooo I can already see many ppl gathering. you know we CAN acually start our own radio haha
@emealia that commercial did turn some of my younger cousins onto kpop. it's awesome haha
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