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The 80 million dollar deal to Reggie Jackson could signal the end of Brandon Jennings in Detroit. While Jennings had a good year last season (19 points and 8 assists per game) the team may be looking to go in a different direction.
The Knicks have blanked on all big free agents that were available this offseason. If New York wants to turn things around, they will need to be aggressive and make a couple trades.
The Reggie Jackson deal opens the door for a potential deal for Brandon Jennings. If the Knicks had any sense, they would do everything in their power to acquire the electric point guard.
If you have ever watched Brandon Jennings play, you would know his game was made for The Garden. Offensively, the Cali native is electric in transition. He plays the game at a fast pace and with a chip on his shoulder. He won’t back down to opponents or crumble under the pressure of playing in the big market. Statistically, 2015 was a career year for Jennings. His 9 assists per game were a career high. The footage of highlights from 2015 give you a glimpse of what Jennings is capable of on the offensive side of the floor. He is amazing in pick and roll situations. This will make the Melo-Jennings pairing an effective duo.
Defensively, Jennings showed marked improvement in 2015 as well. Physically, Brandon has all of the tools to be relentless defender. In regards to on ball defense, Jennings is quick enough to put ball handlers in poor situations. Within the right defensive scheme, Brandon could be a two steal a game player.
A line has been drawn in the sand for the Knicks. They can’t roll Jose Calderon out there at point guard and expect to compete for a championship. New York needs a game changer at the helm. If the Knicks are serious about a ring, they need to make a move and acquire Jennings.
@christianmordi isn't that assuming that Melo still has a lot of value left? I feel like people will buy cheap...
@christianmordi signing Melo was a mistake. It was pressure, and Phil caved. But cmon, everyone knows that Melo needs to go if he wants to win anything. The Knicks cannot rebuild quickly (and badly) only to get Melo his ring. They need to commit to this and make the necessary sacrifices, i.e. losses... If not, then they need to hit it HUGE this upcoming FA period. Jennings will only get them to the dreaded "good enough for East playoff spot" but not really a threat
what would it cost them though? and would he really be enough to make them contenders? I have my doubts...
Well, Melo is a year removed from averaging 27 points. The year before that he averaged 28, which I think was first in the NBA. He's a top ten player in the NBA and I think he has great value across the NBA. The small forward and center position have the worst depth in the NBA. Melo is a premium player within that position. They could probably get any mid-level contender to give a lot of picks and money. They probably could get a young team looking to get a star to give nice pieces. The Bulls are a contender that would give a lot of young pieces. Mil, or Chi are two teams near the top 4 in the east that could become a contender for a chip if they gave pieces to acquire Melo
@goyo I wouldn't say that he caved into signing melo, you can't let a piece go of that caliber with nothing in return. I think if they don't hit the ground running this year then you have to move him to acquire max value. Orlando would be a great place, good young bunch of talent they could get in return. Acquiring Jennings is a step towards the push towards the chip, thats why they need him. Hes a tough minded pg who can create for others and himself. The Knicks haven't had someone that dynamic since they let Mark Jackson walk 20plus years ago
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