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Gosh isn't Rap Monster so cute!!!!
Jin is always covering his mouth when he smiles! XD
Suga's swag while smiling ♡
Jungkook's perfect smile!
Jimin and his adorable smile!
V and his alien smile lol also his tongue is always everywhere
And last but not least J-HOPE!!! I'm weirdly obsessed more with J-hope's smile than any other member lol
And then there is my bias and my bias wrecker lol they're so cute!
How is it possible that RapMon can go from total Gangster to an adorable 7 year old child in a matter of seconds? Going to get whip lash.
This is so cute ;-; especially the princess omg
They seriously are perfection. @AeriBear I know! He just kills with his aegyos right in between his raps, like how?