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SO! I have found this on Facebook and now I'm over excited!!! I'm going to see if I can prepare for it in such a short time. Who else wants to do this?! If I can't do it this year I will definitely do it next year for sure. Let's GO! Oh, and I'm a dancer sooo...what song do you guys think I should dance to??? I'm having a hard time choosing 馃樀
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@MeepDeadmen Hm...Well what songs are you thinking of?
@KpopGaby I would do Bang Bang Bang but there are so many dance covers for it right now. I did think of One Shot but I'm not sure how I would do that by myself. I was also thinking of Crazy, or Catch Me If You Can. I was also thinking Crayon because that's a really fun song to dance to...but I have no idea what to do XoX
@MeepDeadmen I would say that anyone can dance to Bang Bang Bang since the steps are simple. Probably even my dog can dance that choreo XD I think Catch Me If You Can would be good enough since it's a lot of movements and exciting.
@KpopGaby I was going to make my own choreography for whatever song I dance to, like merge in the original steps but do my own kinda thing as well. XD I have no idea if that would work QnQ
@MeepDeadmen That's an amazing idea!!