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She's the cutest cheerleader. This was their first costumed scene for the music video. Swift says that it's okay to never fit in because you can still get everything you want. Go to the beat of your own drum! Oh and Swift had to run a ton because of the amount of cardio in the video. And the choreographer loves her, obviously.


Swift realized pretty quick that all of her ballerina back up dancers were amazing and she could barely do any of the moves, lol. Swift is fascinated with ballerinas and she even asked them what kind of stretches they do. She's very envious on how they carry themselves. And Swift loves her costume.


So much angst! Two of her dancers from tour are in this segment and she's loving that she gets to watch them dance like this. Swift is trying not to take anything too serious. She said that it's very exhausting to constantly being doing cardio take to take.


It's the sparkliest outfit combo she's ever worn. Taylor gets to be random while her background dancers are much more controlled. She's so proud to "awkwardly ruin" her dancer's favorite kind of dance. LOL. She even got a headache from the tightness of the wig. We're just glad Taylor knows she's trying so hard. Like, so hard.


So this is her day 3 ensemble. She tried to throw in a bunch of moves that didn't fit the style of dance at all. The dancers said that they didn't think Swift could twerk but she can actually twerk. She's #twerkinTaylor . Btw, finger tutting is bizarre.


She thinks people will be amazed at her ribbon dancing skills. She has finally found her final destination which is ribbon dancing. It's in her soul...lmao. She's surrounded by world champion ribbon dancers and she's admitted that she's awful and she feels bad that she's butchering their sport.


This is probably the most normal of all of her shoots. She said it'll be fun but normal. Her singers in this scene say that singing with Swift is 'bananas'. Then the clip moves to all of these fans who they recruited for the video. The weird thing is not one of them knows what they are there for. But Swift quickly filled them in and they had a blast.


This is basically a meet and greet of the director. Swift did a lot of research on videos she really loved but she needed a video that was striking but minimal. Mark was the "perfect collaborator for this". They bonded.